10 reasons for transmitting a family memory

  • You ‘d like to transmit a family history which has its place in the history of the Jewish people 
  • You give answers to the questions your children or grandchildren will ask themselves late 
  • You break the silence without having to tell yourself what happened
  • You’d like to have a historical basis that you can enrich with your memories and your comments 
  • Yous offer a wonderful present to all your descendants
  • You make it possible to ensure that those who have disappeared will no longer be forgotten 
  • You’d like to give a full testimony to Yad Vashem of your ancestors who were the victims of the Hocolaust
  • You enrich your own remembrance book 
  • You share information with the members of an association of former emigrants from Belgium 
  • You share information with the members of your genealogy society

What could the discovery of your family history bring you ?

What do you personally expect from it ?

Will you find an answer ?