Your Genealogy in Belgium

Get your family records located in Belgium

A digitized copy of all the records in Belgium on your family :

  • information on the family cradle in Eastern Europe
  • photos, migration paths, places of living, professions, trade union or political activities, family composition, court convictions,
  • German and Belgian family archives during the war

Thank you very much for all priceless information. I spent couple years looking for anything and received so much from you.

Wolf Bergoltz

Rochester, New York

I am really satisfied with his services, Vincent was motivated to find the best research plan what was possible, and delivered the documents fast and in good quality. I can only recommend him.

Tamas Kende

Unique !

Turn easily your genealogy into an authentic family history !

Reconstructing your family history :


  • combining a historical background with genealogical data

  • 3 steps and 4 tools adapted to your own genealogy 

A proven procedure :

  • using the chronological background and the standard life courses in the Belgian Jewry
  • building your genealogical database and applying a contextualization method
  • by following a pleasant and error-free procedure

A guaranteed result :

  • You can transform your family history into an e-book, a video to share or a book to offer.
  • You will have the pleasure and pride of having achieved everything by yourself.