Your place in history : 5 answers to your questions

5 examples of what you could discover :

About yourself

There is a memory of the Jewish people.  I have a  duty of remembrance.

How does my family fit into this ?

I don’t know and I’d like to know !

What is the influence of the family history on my life ?

What would I like to remain faithful to ?

What would I like to turn my back on ?

Another relationship with your parents or your grandparents

They don’t talk about their past. It’s too painful. I’d like to discover the past without asking them to tell what happened

I would build a new relationship to them if I’d better understand the causes of their trauma

My life is much easier than theirs, when they emigrated. What efforts did they make to adapt to the country where I live ? What for do I have to be grateful to them ?

Your relationship to Judaism

There are other ways to be a Jew than in the country where I’m living. How was Judaism in my family before the emigration ?

How can I reconnect with Judaism ?

I’d like to discover my ancestors’ Judaism

What were my ancestors’ values ? Do they still apply today, where I live ?

There is no more tradition in my family. I’d like to understand how my grandparents distanced themselves from Judaism.


The weight of the Holocaust

No one ever mentions what happened to our family during the war. If I knew what happened, it would seem less heavy to me.

I often hear about the Holocaust and the duty of remembrance. But it seems anonymous to me. That’s why I’d like to discover what happened to my ancestors.

How can I send a remembrance document on my murdered ancestors to Yad Vashem ? I need to know the circumstances of their death.

My grandparents’ shortcomings are maybe the qualities that helped them survive. I need to see things clearly.

I have the feeling that the family’s Judaism is related to the Holocaust. I’d like to discover my ancestors’ life before the Holocaust.

« Lost » cousins »

To what extent did our history lead to family break-ups ?

Why haven’t we been in contact with some cousins since the end of the war or since an emigration ? I’d like to trace them.