Emotions and scenery guaranteed in memorable and unforgettable trip …!

In order to prepare your trip …

You will receive an ebook dedicated to the life of your ancestors in Belgium :


  • their photos, key dates and a measurement on maps
  • all records about your ancestors in Belgium
  • your family tree dating back to Yiddishland

thanks to a personalized research

You will realize a trip through time by putting in the footsteps of your ancestors in Belgium

  • You find out where they lived, worked, laughed and cried
  • You return to the last traces of the disappeared before they get on the train to Auschwitz death
  • You honor your ancestors

thanks a tailored program of visits to travel the places your family memories in Belgium

Our partner Gershon Lehrer will take care of you during your memory trip

Our goal is to give you an everlasting memory of your trip in Europe.

Gershon Lehrer

You can complete your file with your travel pictures

Recent experience :

Ora lives in Tel Aviv.

She received a tailor-made e-book from zakhor-belgium about her family’s history in Belgium.

Now Ora finally knows her grandmother’s face.

Ora came to Belgium and visited the places where her grandparents lived. She saw her grandmother’s grave at the Jewish cemetery in Marcinelle.

Virtual tour

You do not wish or you cannot come to Belgium.

But you can discover the life of your grandparents and the older generations in Belgium

  • since their emigration from the Yiddishland

  • on every important place in their lives

  • during their major events (happy and unhappy)

  • during their daily lives

  • during the tragic moments of war

thanks to a completely personalized virtual tour

We trace their lives (archives, photos, historical and personal events)

Each week you receive a stage of their life to discover

After three months, you receive their entire life course in a video to share with your family and friends

The virtual tour will soon be available on your private webpage.