Get your family history

Would you allow your predecessors to be forgotten ?

Can you imagine your descendants without roots ?

Each history is unique and deserves a tailor-made approach.

You discover an illustrated story

  • since the origins in the Yiddishland

  • emigration and full stay in Belgium

  • their photos and the places where they lived

  • marriages, births, deaths, the arrival of new family members

  • jobs and daily life

  • the precise circumstances of what happened to your family between 1940 and 1944 (deportees, hidden persons, survivors)

  • – written in English

  • – with all the archives on your family in Belgium

  • – with your old photos, letters and family documents that you wish to send us

  • – that you can share with your family or friends or print.

Latest achievements

I appreciated that you could also trace the family’s origins back to Poland. I didn’t think it was possible to reconstruct our life in Antwerp. There were pictures of them that I didn’t know about. My children really appreciated your research. The memory of those who were deported is preserved. It’s a very professional job.

Esther Stern (New York)

I had no idea about the family history. I learned a lot about my own story! There are some things I can explain better. You have found some excellent illustrations.

Ora Canetti (Tel Aviv)

History has made your family. Your family has made history.

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