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Auschwitz-Birkenau – March 2023 

Guided and personalized visit of the listeners of Radio-Judaïca (Brussels) during their day of pilgrimage

Rivesaltes gathering camp – April 2022

Reconstitution of the escape of Sigmund, Perla and Bernard Aufrychter in the summer of 1941

Krakow 2022

Identification of real and fake places of remembrance for a virtual exhibition.

Berlin 2021

Discovering our contribution to the new permanent exhibition of the Museum of Résistance

Kibbutz Hasolelim 2016

Family History workshop

Jerusalem 2013

Research mission : 

International Institute for Holocaust Research (Yad Vashem)

Paris 2012

Lecturing : Between genealogy and history: the contextualization of characters. Application to the bessarabian case.